4 key points of the strongest industries in the pandemic

 1. Opportunity

There’s no doubt about it, a crisis brings opportunity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the most challenging events of our time and no one, not one single person or industry, was really prepared to face it.

But truth be told, some industries have been doing well and exceeding expectations. For example, the cleaning services industry has hired several additional workers, they have diversified their types of services, created new jobs and looking for new opportunities in a post-pandemic world.

Due to the “new normal” reality and the necessity to provide clean and safe environments, professional cleaners have been in high demand to sanitize all types of spaces, like restaurants, offices, commercial buildings, medical centers, homes and public spaces.


2. Resilience

There is no doubt that those that have been resilient to adversity are the ones that have grown and improved.

2021 Deloitte’s Global Resilience Report, revealed that successful organizations intentionally cultivate resilience and embed it in various aspects of their businesses. Those industries that make resilience a priority are not only doing better than their counterparts in the current environment, but they also anticipate more robust growth in 2021.

To be resilient you need to be adaptable as a leader and as an organization and the grocery stores and food industries are the best example of this. At the beginning of the pandemic, they had to reevaluate how they could maintain their sales when people weren’t leaving their houses.

So, they focused on taking food and groceries through delivery services even when they didn’t provide that type of service before, and that helped them maintain sales and reach new customers.


3. Preparation

Online shopping was something that many brands were already offering before COVID-19, as they knew it was the future of sales, no matter what their industry. So, when they had to shut down their physical stores they also had the chance to keep selling through their e-Commerce platforms and websites.

Whether it is fresh food, shoes, technology and gadgets, or toys, shopping online is easy for people of all ages.

Since the pandemic started some companies have reported that different people from their original age target were buying online as it was the safest way to keep buying without exposing themselves to infection.


H3: 4. Flexibility

Flexibility and adaptability are more relevant than ever, and leaders of successful companies are aware of the importance of hiring versatile employees.

There is no doubt that those industries that have evolved are the ones that were open to change, redesigning processes, and changing their goals. But they expect the same from their employees.

Time has proved that flexibility was most critical to the future of their organization as it allowed them to provide new choices to their customers and to usher in new ways of working.

So, if you are wondering how to be successful in your industry, as a leader, or as someone looking for a job, flexibility has got to be one of your top skills.


These four key points require knowledge, effort, investment, and action to help you become a worthy successful industry.

As a leader of an organization, you will only know if your company is truly strong when it is tested by a crisis or an unprecedented event. You need to work every day on developing a resilient culture to be ready to embrace the future of work.